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About Fish Out Of Water

Stories of perseverance and strength serve as guiding lights in a world where unexpected has become "the norm." The unfaltering resilience of the human spirit is on full display in our founder, Tim Husereau's trek through the terrifying terrain of Long COVID.

In his role as co-founder of Fish Out Of Water, an organization that supports individuals fighting Long COVID and vaccine damage, Tim's shared story reflects the experiences of millions.

With repeated misdiagnoses, treatments ranging from the ineffectual to the bizarre, and doctors' appointments racking up alongside expenses, the path to recovery seemed more like a labyrinth of despair.

But his story is your story. It's about the promise he made to God to help as many people recover from Long-COVID and vaccine injury ... if God graced him with living through his longest moments and darkest nights.


• Delaine Dale | Illinois

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